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Sat, Mar. 15th, 2008, 06:32 pm
weatherguy2000: Raising Canes - a review

I don't know if this is the place for this, but I'm going to do it anyway. This is a review of Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers", a fast-food restaurant in Apple Valley. It's at the northwest corner of Cedar Avenue (CR23) and CR42. The restaurant has been open for a few months, but I finally got to it today.

Think a "poor-man's" Buffalo Wild Wings. No, that's not right. Think a homeless man's BWW.

It is true they have chicken fingers, and that's all they have. Oh, wait, they have fries and coleslaw and bread. But that's. about. it. Their menu has four meal packages and one kid package. They also have various size bunches of tenders: 20, 30, etc. Want some

You place your order, then wait while it's made. The meals are served in white styrofoam boxes. (So much for the presentation.) I got a #2 (3 chicken fingers, piece of bread, fries, and a drink). It was less than impressive. The wings were cooked, but the breading was a little soggy, and the corrugated fries were a little limp, too. The prices were a little higher than I expected, too, with $6 for my meal. Dunno, maybe that's what they're going for nowadays.

The atmosphere was a little cute. The restaurant was named for Cane, the owner's dog. The decor was your basic restaurant setup, a mix of booths and tables. On the walls were a few posters of music and movies with a decided Minnesota theme.

So, would I go again? No. Do I recommend this restaurant? No. I'd rather pay a little extra and get much more variety and much better chicken at Buffalo Wild Wings (just up Cedar, coincidentally).

Sun, Mar. 16th, 2008 12:00 am (UTC)

That's an odd product corner to paint themselves into. I get annoyed when other restaurants keep adding to their menu non-stop (like McDonald's and their lattes, now), but Cane's has nothing but room to expand.

I bet they have potato salad, onion rings, side salads and fish by 2010.